Keiro is Finn 's oathbrother, joined together by the pact made three years before the beginning of the first book in the Comitatus.


Keiro has blue eyes blond hair that's tied back. He is described as being better looking than Finn.

Personality and traitsEdit

Keiro seems to be a cocky young man caring the most for his own appearance and material goods, even though he insists that he would never betray Finn, due to the brotherhood that binds them together.

Biography Edit

Along the book, he shows a deep hatred for halfmen – a group of people that have parts of metal and plastic embedded in them as a part of their bodies – of which there seem to be more and more in Incarceron by the minute.

It is not until towards the end of the first book that Keiro finally shows who he really is: a halfman. A nail, though normal looking, is made from metal, and Keiro is shown being scared that it might not only be his nail, but also some part inside him, that is made from Incarceron material.

Though at the beginning of the book, Keiro seems to be skeptical about Outside; he later becomes desperate to leave, even willing to cut the finger with a fake nail in order to leave (since it interfered with the mechanisms of the Key). However, he is stopped from this by Gildas and Attia, reminding him that even if he did that, they were not sure how much of him was prison material, and so it was not worth trying.



Keiro is Finn's oathbrother and tends to care for him every once in a while.

Attia Edit

Through most of Incarceron, Keiro seems to despise Attia for various reasons. After Finn and Claudia are Outside, they seem to get along slightly better. Their trust builds throughout Sapphique and they eventually become "Oath Brothers" even though Keiro showed some reluctance at first.

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