As a Sapienti, Jared has been Claudia's tutor and friend for much of her life. He came to be her tutor when she was five (shortly after her first betrothal), and has lived in the Wardenry ever since. As of Sapphique, he is 29 years old. He is described as being tall and slender with long dark hair and green eyes, and is quite handsome. Claudia is very protective and possessive of him.

He and Claudia share a close bond that surpasses that of a normal student-teacher relationship. On several occasions, the two were accused of having an affair due to their closeness, which Claudia vehemently denied every time, believing that Jared would never dream of such a thing.

He has been noted as being young for a Sapient and one of the most brilliant, often using gadgets that he invented that help him and Claudia discover the secrets of Incarceron. Unfortunately, he is plagued by a terminal illness whose cure evades him, and he currently uses a medication that seems to be little more than a painkiller.

He is describes as being like both a brother and a father to Claudia, by the Warden.