Attia is a young girl who lives inside Incarceron, and has all of her life.


Attia is small and thin. She is short, with short, uneven, dark hair and brown eyes. She has scars and bruises on her neck and face. During her first appearance in Incarceron, she wore dirty rags and bandages on her arms and hands, and her skin was blistered and muddy.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Attia is strong-willed and argumentative. She is smart and shows it whenever she, Finn, and Keiro are in trouble.

Biography Edit

She became a dog-slave of Jormanric, the Winglord of the Comitatus, in order to survive. She was rescued by Finn, and accompanied him, Gildas, and Keiro after their plan to escape the Comitatus failed. Attia insists on being Finn's servant because she is grateful to him for saving her. Throughout the books, the young girl develops a crush on Finn, noticeable mainly by the way she speaks to and about Claudia. Attia also tells Finn, that she use to be a part of small Civicry group before becoming a dog-slave.



After being rescued by Finn, Attia wanted to become his servant to show him that she owed him for her life and was grateful. Finn told her that he did not want a servant, but that saving her life was the right thing to do. The two become friends, making Attia very loyal and observant of him. She even begins to show a gravitation toward him that could arguably be described as more than platonic, however, the book never explores this possibility any more thoroughly.


Attia does not care for Keiro due to his prideful, conceited, and sometimes untrustworthy attitude. Keiro also does not care for Attia at all due to her title in the prison, and thinking that she would only slow down Finn, Gildas, and his journey to escape the prison. In the second book, the two somewhat put some of their differences aside and work together to recover, The Glove of Sapphique, to escape. Keiro also becomes Attia's Oathbrother .


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